the very eye of night (responding to maya deren)

published in anyone girl

I’m low in my waking hours, lids hoisted, waiting for the sun to end. Feels smoother to fold over into myself, twist into how I am when it’s night, dark, in the nurturing discretion of a black sky. Charge the black sky with you. Let my eyes shut, see you.

Conjure up your apparition, twist and fold into you. I believe you to be everything (I wish to be).

Corpses, dead in night, wrapped in each other. Twist and fold into you, inhabit your aura, step in and stay.

You move with an understanding that all space is for you, ready and waiting. It wants to be yours, so do I, I want to move like this, contort.

Each of your tastebuds takes on its own tongue. Each eyelash is a tress. Fingernails, faultless blades. I want to feel this, feel you, be you. You are absolute, everything, and tomorrow, I’ll wake up –

מודה אני

– but I’ll find myself astray, low, all over again, no stars, a dreamworld corroded. Lids hoisted after a night with you, I’ll tie my laces. Live out my day, wait for the sun to end.

tracks to pair with the film on mute ]

.. Bound (with Blood Orange) by Wet

.. A Colour Named by You (Instrumental) by Dawn to Dawn

.. Cristo Redentor by Donald Byrd

.. Let Us Dance (Arca Remix) by Beverly Glenn-Copeland