jewish recommendations

for inclusion in hayom art’s newsletter


I was tasked with curating and articulating recommendations for inclusion in HaYom Art’s newsletter; the New-York-based contemporary Judaica shop is devoted to rethinking Judaica and nourishing the intersection of heritage, contemporary art, and modern living. HaYom itself has received praise from New York Times (and T Magazine), Jewish Food Society, and more.


recommedation: may god be with you (2021) by cléo cohen

May God Be With You (2021) induces warmth and pain all at once as the self-shot documentary by Cléo Cohen builds a portrait of the filmmaker's own Arab-Jewish identity. Through spotlighting Cohen's Tunisian- and Algerian-Jewish grandparents, and through moving, intimate cinematography at large, Cohen interrogates her grandparents' political, religious, and life reflections by way of difficult questions and conversations.

No matter the level of tension, the relationships on screen foster love above all else –– one minute, Cohen bickers with her grandmother about clashing takes on intermarriage, and the next, the frame captures the two of them in a silent hug, nestled together on the same chair. 

recommedation: diasporist shopfronts & pink peacock

In @diasporist_shopfronts lives a true treasure trove of detailed sketches documenting Jewish storefronts in England and elsewhere in the diaspora. My personal favorite work is easily their rendition of Pink Peacock –– a queer, Yiddish, anarchist, and pay-what-you-can cafe in Glasgow. Their prints are also available for purchase in postcard form here.

recommedation: old jewish men

@oldjewishmen's Instagram presence brings a sense of aesthetic and energetic definition to the archetypal Jewish-American grandpa, and their merch is not to be missed, either. This digital space is where to turn to for relief via deli highlights or other Jewish sightings from out in the world.