instagram direction 

for passerby magazine


Founder & Creative Director: Clémence Polès
Managing Editor: Claire Brodka
Social Editor ︎︎︎ Editor & Community Lead: Eva Berezovsky
Partnerships Intern: Sydney Russo
Editorial Intern: Claire Dauge-Roth
Social Intern: Clio Reynolds


Channeling organic growth and boosting editorial content, I created, developed, and managed @passerby‘s social strategy from the ground up. This work involved launching and producing several Instagram feature series spotlighting community members like beauty editor Hannah Baxter, creative director Sarah Nsikak Whitmarsh, holistic nutritionist Tonya Papanikolov, and 3rd Ritual founder Jenn Tardif

personal touchpoints

Social Strategy
Editorial Series Production
Image Research & Curation

grid snapshots

feature series examples

waking up with...

A bi-weekly stories walkthrough of community members’ and interviewees’ morning routines. Spotlighting authenticity and beauty in the mundane.


Sharing community members’ and interviewees’ handwritten recipes. Connecting and driving to the site’s editorial feature series Reality Bites, which spotlights chefs and foodies.