giveaway production

for passerby magazine


Founder & Creative Director: Clémence Polès
Editor: Marina Sulmona
Social Editor: Eva Berezovsky


As part of passerby’s social strategy, I produced routine giveaways with like-minded brands to channel community, boost engagement, and develop lasting partnerships. In addition to those involved in the example below, collaborators across giveaways included Kotn, Poketo, Vintage Books & Anchor Books, and more.

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Partnership Coordination & Curation

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This holiday season, D.S. & Durga, Siglo Shop, west~bourne, and MIRROR WATER are giving us a hand with picking gifts for your loved ones (or yourself). We’ve rounded up some gems, including a D.S. & Durga candle duo to infuse your home with notes of latkes and Christmas trees alike, or a luxurious exfoliator and body oil combo by MIRROR WATER that’s set to soothe.

To satisfy food-lovers, we’re also giving away west~bourne’s Spicy Goji Berry Crunch, Moon Pop, and Green Plum Shiso Butter, which come zero-waste in fully compostable plant-based bags. To round it all off, you can sip from your new Siglo stemware to wash down whatever else you might be snacking on, or treat a vintage-lover in your life to the unique pieces.