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Marissa’s fragrances have received praise from Vogue, New York Times, Vanity Fair, and more. I refreshed her product descriptions, professional bio, and more to transmit the beauty of her aromas through the screen.


‘annabel’s birthday cake’ fragrance

This eccentric blend awakens pure celebration, sweetness, and the bliss of embarking on another trip around the sun. Inspired by writer and certified astrology expert Annabel Gat, rich tuberose frosting and candied rose petals on a bed of fluffy white cake carry the bottle’s warm, pastel essence.

‘the pink bedroom’ fragrance

A commemoration of Portia Munson’s "The Pink Bedroom," this limited edition fragrance evokes plastic doll heads, strawberry candy, and an overall unnerving aura by way of cassis, heliotrope, rose de mai, orris resinoid, strawberry, and musk. While the concentrated perfume oil feels like an instant portal to Munson’s dreamscape, you can also experience the exhibition itself at The Museum of Sex in New York City until July, 2023.

travel vials

Stay fresh wherever you roam. All fragrances are available in 10 mL travel-friendly vials at $40 each.

about marissa

Marissa Zappas is a perfumer, scent designer, and poet whose ethereal and nostalgic fragrances blend fantasy, reality, the gothic, and the modern. Her approach to perfumery finds fuel in her background in anthropology, her admiration for avant-garde perfumes of the early twentieth century, and her collaborations with New York City artists.

Marissa believes that perfume –– both creating and wearing it –– conjures our past, present, and future selves. Her academic work explores the intersection of perfume’s history, attitudes towards death, and the history of cemetery construction. While completing her M.A. and ethnographic training, Marissa also worked at Givaudan and later became an apprentice to master perfumer Olivier Gillotin.

Marissa has lived and worked as a freelancer in New York since 2017 and is now represented by Agence Grace, the premier agency for independent perfumers in Paris. She’s available for scent design projects, including fragrance, candle, and home goods development. Contact her at for more information.